Artificial Lawns Garforth

Why artificial lawns are on the rise

Artificial grass GarforthThe age-old saying that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence can most certianly be applied to gardens that have artificial lawns. Neolawn, recommended installers of artificial lawns Garforth gardeners are proud of. Explore the escalating popularity of artificial grass and why artificial lawns are on the rise.

Sales of artificial lawns Garforth based and elsewhere, are soaring for a number of reasons.

The grass is greener!

Being hard-wearing and not prone to external damage by the weather artificial lawns can look significantly greener than natural turf! Natural turf is prone to becoming patchy, discoloured and damaged. A natural lawn might look fabulous during the summer when the conditions are just right for nurturing healthy turf but come the autumn and winter, a natural lawn can look considerably more forlorn and neglected. By contrast, artificial lawns look green, healthy and uniform all year round, without requiring much work!

The perfect solution for play areas

When walking across their artificial lawns Garforth residents who have Neolawn products installed on their premises, enjoy the luxurious and soft feel of the artificial grass feels underfoot. Being soft to touch, artificial lawns provide a great surface solution for play areas and schools, areas which require soft landings should children fall.

In fact, Neolawn’s artificial lawns Garforth businesses, institutions, residents and gardeners benefit from provide the perfect surface for school gardens, play areas, nurseries, domestic gardens, roofs, balconies, terraces and even corporate event installations.

Neolawn has a wide range of products for artificial lawns Garforth citizens can purchase, all of which provide an authentic-looking, durable, easily maintained and luxurious to touch alternative to natural turf. Contact Neolawn today or browse through the range of quality artificial lawn products and join the thousands of others who are seeing sense in favouring artificial lawns over natural grass.