Fabulous Astroturf Castleford supplied by Neolawn

Neolawn are highly recommended installers of the credible and acclaimed global product ‘Namgrass’, top quality Astroturf for lawns. If you are looking for a high quality Astroturf, then you’re in the right place as Neolawn can install Astroturf Castleford residents will be thrilled with. Take a look at the following Astroturf Namgrass products that can be delivered and installed by Neolawn.

Astroturf Castleford


Play is a high quality Astroturf Castleford sports centres recommend. This artificial grass comprises of closely condensed 16mm fibres, which resemble the well-maintained lawn of an impeccable sports ground. Play is an idea Astroturf Castleford sports centres can benefit from, particularly those designed for ball sports, such as cricket, golf and tennis. Play Astroturf comes with a ten year guarantee.


Eclipse is an Astroturf Castleford based Neolawn provides. By implementing the latest in Astroturf technology, Eclipse has an incredibly luxury and soft look and feel, which bounces back into position when you walk across it. Eclipse has a pile height of 29mm and also comes with a ten year guarantee.


Mirage is an authentic Astroturf Castleford product, which creates an appearance of natural grass without the maintenance to go with it! Mirage has 27mm fibres, which weave together to create, not only an authentic look, but a soft and pleasant feel underfoot. Mirage comes with a ten-year guarantee giving customers peace of mind they are buying a top quality Astroturf product.


Vision is the perfect product for Astroturf Castleford customers looking for a brighter and lighter shade of artificial grass. Vision has a pile height of 30mm and is a durable Astroturf product that will last for years as well as looking great. Vision is the perfect Astroturf for covering larger areas such as playgrounds and schools.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of Neolawn’s products, then get in touch with the friendly Neolawn team for all your Astroturf Selby requirements.