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Balcony in Leeds City Centre transformed by Neolawn

We had been thinking about adding some artificial grass to our grey, city centre balcony and discovered Neolawn offered an incredibly high quality, realistic product. Installation was expertly completed by Phil Hicks, who installed the lawn perfectly into the space available, even neatly surrounding the posts of the railing at the balcony’s edge.

Installation of ‘pets paradise’

We contacted Neolawn because we keep a number of animals in our fairly large garden, just beyond Pool-in-Wharfedale. We wanted an area of ‘soft landscaping’, which would be suitable and able to cope with the our cats, chickens and dogs (we keep a large number of hens and we breed working cocker spaniels). We opted for Oasis, because we wanted a high quality grass, and liked the colour and tones found in that particular product. We did look at other brands, but found Neolawn’s products to be superior.