We surveyed 100 dogs across Yorkshire, asking what they considered to be their highest priority, when choosing an owner.  As you might imagine, ‘a never-ending supply of food’ came in first place.  However, ‘a decent garden’ came in a close second.

As a dog owner, the garden is probably a priority for you.  Gone are the days when you could just let your dog out the front door, to roam the streets unsupervised.  When he/she gets a bit stir crazy, or needs to go ‘do its business’, or perhaps just wants a sniff around outside, the best you can hope for, is to let it out into your garden.

In my last blog, I discussed the importance of having a garden that you can use and enjoy all year round.  “Yeah, but you can’t do that when ‘man’s best friend’ digs, scratches, rolls, poops and pees all over it!” . . . Well, actually, you can!

In the blog, ‘One bark at a time’, Fred’s comments on his struggle are all too familiar to many of us:

Inevitably, though, big round patches of brown would appear and pretty soon the green was polka dotted with those flattened, dead areas.

He continues:

Between the neighbours’ overshadowing trees and Stella’s [the dog’s] buckets of pee, not a blade of grass survived and eventually everything turned to mush and then back to primordial backyard mud.

Over recent years, artificial grass has become the ideal solution to all those problems surrounding day-to-day use of the lawn. Struggling to maintain a lawn, whilst keeping pets, has now been resolved.

What about their business?

We install our fake grass with a breathable underlay which means that it is fully drainable. It actually drains better than a natural lawn. Your dog’s business has no impact on synthetic turf, and it will not damage or stain it.

We choose to supply and install only Easigrass. They have proven themselves to be industry leaders in developing realistic, high quality artificial grass, which will not fade, and which will stand up to the rigours of modern day family life.  All products (there are many to choose from) come with a 10 year guarantee.

Will it smell?

So, your dog loves it so much, that he/she has now taken to ‘toileting’ only on the Astroturf. Surely, it must smell after a few weeks of that?!  You wonder about cleaning it.  Well, we have no shortage of rain in Yorkshire, which naturally washes away any odours.  You can simply remove any solids as you would on a natural lawn, and, if need be, hose down occasionally.

If you have a smaller area, with intensive use, we can carry out a quick ‘service’ of your artificial lawn.  We have a product which will kill any weeds, which may have established on the surface (seeds can land and settle pretty much anywhere, carried by the wind).  This solution will, at the same time, deodourise the grass, leaving it smelling of freshly cut grass clippings!


Easigrass installer in Yorkshire, Harrogate, York and Leeds.


At Neolawn, we have chosen to partner with Easigrass to supply the best possible artificial grass, which is ‘Made For Living’.  This means that, through all your lawn tribulations, our grass is designed to withstand anything you (or your dog) can throw at it.

Mud & mess is an old concept, as is patchy, stained, faded, or even dead grass.  The new concept is artificial grass – growing in popularity every day!

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