In Yorkshire, we have an average rainfall of about 1m each year, yet our gardens are still a crucial part of raising children, keeping pets and relaxing with friends, drinks and burnt sausages…

With the ever-increasing squeeze on our time, we have seen a great increase in the need for low maintenance gardens that still serve the family purpose.  There comes a point when the patchy, yellow grass we stubbornly insist on trying to manage is no longer ‘cutting it’.  Artificial grass has arrived, in all its no-mow glory and with it, restored pride in the Great British Lawn.

  1. Crayola green, scratchy, greengrocer’s grass?

5 years ago I would have imagined artificial grass to resemble a bright green, harsh sports surface – obviously plastic, and pretty cheap-looking.  Look around the artificial grass industry today, and this ‘AstroTurf’ has transformed into a high quality product with an impressive range of shades, textures, thicknesses and even sounds!  Yes, that’s right, the actual sound of the grass under your feet does vary across different products!

Needless to say, there are some pretty poor products still out there, but Neolawn exclusively installs a product called ‘Easigrass’ which, after extensive research into the market and a visit to their factory in Belgium, we believe is the highest quality product on the market.  All Easigrass products are made with the end-user in mind and they have developed a full range of grasses, each woven with multiple shades and yarns, so we can guarantee your lawn won’t look like it was sprayed with ‘Crayola green’ paint (and yes, this does actually happen in the U.S. in times of drought – companies have started spraying people’s lawns to try and regain their green colour!).

  1. Come Rain or Shine!

The underlay we use is a breathable, geotextile fabric, which allows the passage of water, oxygen and nutrients down to the ground, whilst blocking weeds coming up from below.  This heavy-duty Geotex is used throughout the landscaping industry, under gravel, decking or bark chips, without the need for chemicals.  This means your artificial grass is permeable, and will drain water just like your normal lawn.  In fact, if you currently have drainage problems, our system can only improve this, because it incorporates a sub-base which acts like a large soak-away under your lawn.

All the grasses we use are fully UV stabilised to EU standards, and include a 10 year warranty, which means you should experience no fade.  Easigrass is supplied and installed all over the world, including hot countries like India, so no need to worry about it getting too hot in the sun!

  1. “We’ve given up on our lawn – we have pets and children!”

You spend your Sunday trimming, weeding, patch-seeding and watering your lawn, then the next thing you know, the kids have had a water fight, the birds have eaten your grass seeds, and the dog seems to be hunting for some long-lost, hidden treasure under the grass!  Not only that, once they’ve finished, they bring half of that mud and mess back into the house!

Well, artificial grass is made for living.  Your children, pets, friends and family can all be given full access to your lawn, 12 months a year!  With our 10 year guarantee, your artificial lawn is designed to stay as lovely as the day it was laid.  No patches from pets, no wear marks from football, no allergies in summer and no grass stains on clothing!  If you are concerned about your pets and their business – it is fully pet-proof, and designed to withstand anything your pet may wish to deposit!


So, if the grass seems greener on the other side . . . it’s probably artificial.


Neolawn supply and install artificial grass all across the Yorkshire region.